EuSAIN is a non profit organization, advancing SDG 6 and prioritizing Sanitation to achieve all SDGs. We work in partnership with public or private, civil society or government organisations that strive to achieve Sanitation, Water or Health for all by 2030 and advocate for realization of the human rights to water and sanitation. We cooperate in multistakeholder platforms in lobby and advocacy for the human right to sanitation and water and we cooperate on an individual and project basis with NGOs, Utilities, knowledge institutes and other organisations as consultant in implementation of sanitation and water projects.

EuSAIN participates in End Water Poverty, the Butterfly Coalition, the European Pact for Water, Sanitation and Water for All and in the C20. We work with governments, utilities, civil society organisation, international organisations and knowledge institutes in Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health.

International cooperation for sustainable development can only be successful if the cooperation is based on equal partnerships that include all stakeholders and is based on peer-to-peer cooperation at all levels. This is person to person: professional to professional, local government to local government, manager to manager. The EuSAIN partnerships are based on a not-for-profit, not-for-loss principle.

In the water sector the Global Water Operators Alliance (GWOPA) showed that when water utilities cooperate on a global scale they can achieve water for all. In the GWOPA some of the larger utilities that are in charge of both water supply and sanitation services participate, but there is no participation of the vast number of small and local sanitation operators, local governments and CSOs that represent the largest number of people without proper sanitation services.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is a good example of raising awareness, building capacities and setting up sanitation systems in a bottom up approach where people themselves build and maintain their own sanitation services.


EuSAIN promotes implementation of the human rights to water and sanitation in all countries and act in advocates for meaningful participation (by workers, citizens (women!) and all stakeholders and for prioritizing Sanitation as key to achieve SDG 6 and other related SDGs: SDG 3 good health for all, SDG 1 end extreme poverty, SDG 11 sustainable cities, SDG 5 gender equality.

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